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Administrators Statement (Page 1)

Organizational Chart (Page 7)

Summary of Requests:
Summary of Base Request by Strategy (Page 9)
Summary of Base Request by Method of Finance (Page 14)
Summary of Base Request by Object of Expense (Page 37)
Summary of Base Request Objective Outcomes (Page 38)
Summary of Exceptional Items Request (Page 41)
Summary of Total Request by Strategy (Page 43)
Summary of Total Request by Objective Outcomes (Page 49)

Strategy Requests:

A.1.1 Statewide Intake Services (Page 53)
A.1.1.1 Statewide Intake Direct Delivery Staff (Page 57)
A.1.1.2 Statewide Intake Program Support and Training (Page 60)
A.1.1.3 Statewide Intake Automation (Page 63)
A.1.1.4 Statewide Intake Automation Capital (Page 66)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 69)

A.2.1 CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 71)
A.2.1.1 CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 77)
A.2.1.2 Contributed CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 80)
A.2.1.3 Intensive Family-Based Safety Services Direct Delivery Staff (Page 83)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 86)

A.2.2 CPS Program Support (Page 87)
A.2.2.1 Preparation for Adult Living Staff (Page 91)
A.2.2.2 CPS Program Support (Page 94)
A.2.2.3 CPS Program Training (Page 97)
A.2.2.4 County/IAC Foster Administration Staff (Page 100)
A.2.2.5 Child Fatality Review Team (Page 102)
A.2.2.6 Discretionary Federal Projects (Page 105)
A.2.2.7 CPS Automation (Page 108)
A.2.2.8 CPS Automation - Capital (Page 109)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 111)

A.2.3 TWC Foster Day Care Purchased Services (Page 113)
A.2.4 TWC Protective Day Care Purchased Services (Page 117)
A.2.5 Adoption Purchased Services (Page 121)
A.2.6 Post-Adoption Purchased Services (Page 125)
A.2.7 Preparation for Adult Living Purchased Services (PAL) (Page 127)
A.2.7.1 PAL Purchased Services (Page 130)
A.2.7.2 PAL Education Training Voucher (ETV) Program (Page 132)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 134)

A.2.8 Substance Abuse Purchased Services (Page 135)
A.2.8.1 CPS Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services (Page 138)
A.2.8.2. Drug Testing Services (Page 141)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 144)

A.2.9 Other Purchased Child Protective Services (Page 145)
A.2.9.1 Foster/Adoption - Child Welfare Services (Page 148)
A.2.9.2 In-Home Services Child Welfare Services (Page 151)
A.2.9.3 Intensive Family Based Child Welfare Services (Page 154)
A.2.9.4 Temporary Substitute Care (Page 157)
A.2.9.5 All Other CPS Purchased Services (Page 160)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 163)

A.2.10 Foster Care Payments (Page 165)
A.2.10.1 Foster Care Payments (Page 169)
A.2.10.2 County Foster Care Payments and Administration (Page 172)
A.2.10.3 Relative and Other Designated Caregiver Monetary Assistance (Page 174)
A.2.10.4 Kinship Care Pilot Project (Page 176)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 178)

A.2.11 Adoption Subsidy Payments (Page 179)
A.2.11.1 Adoption Subsidy Payments (Page 182)
Adoption Subsidy Payments (continued) (Page 183)
A.2.11.2 Non-Recurring Adoption Payments (Page 185)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 188)

A.2.12 Services to At-Risk Youth (STAR) Program (Page 189)
A.2.12.1 STAR Services (Page 192)
A.2.12.2 Universal Prevention Services (Page 195)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 198)

A.2.13 Community Youth Development (CYD) Program (Page 199)
A.2.14 Texas Families: Together and Safe Program (Page 203)
A.2.15 Child Abuse Prevention Grants (Page 207)
A.2.16 Other At-Risk Prevention Programs (Page 209)
A.2.16.1 Child/Abuse Neglect Programs (Page 213)
A.2.16.2 Juvenile Delinquency Programs (Page 216)
A.2.16.3 Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Program (Page 219)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 221)

A.2.17 At-Risk Prevention Program Support (Page 223)
A.2.17.1 Runaway and Youth Hotline (Page 226)
A.2.17.2 PEI Program Support and Training (Page 228)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 231 )

A.3.1 APS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 233)
A.3.1.1 APS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 237)
A.3.1.2 APS Purchased Emergency Client Services (Page 240)
A.3.1.3 APS Telemedicine (Page 243)
A.3.1.4 APS Guardianship Services (Page 245)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 247)

A.3.2 APS Program Support (Page 249)
A.3.2.1 APS Program Support (Page 252)
A.3.2.2 APS Program Training (Page 255)
A.3.2.3 APS Automation (Page 258)
A.3.2.4 APS Automation-Capital (Page 259)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 262)

A.3.3 MH and MR Investigations (Page 263)
A.3.3.1 MH and MR Investigations Staff (Page 266)
A.3.3.2 MH and MR Program Support and Training (Page 269)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 272)

A.4.1 Child Care Regulation (CCR) (Page 273)
A.4.1.1 CCR Day Care Staff (Page 278)
A.4.1.2 CCR Residential Child Care Staff (Page 281)
A.4.1.3 CCR Program Support and Training (Page 284)
A.4.1.4 CCR Automation (CLASS) (Page 287)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 290)

B.1.1 Central Administration (Page 291)
B.1.2 Other Support Services (Page 295)
B.1.3 Regional Administration (Page 297)
B.1.4 Information Technology Program Support (Page 301)

B.1.5 Agency-wide Automated System (Page 305)
B.1.5.1 Agency-wide Desktop Services Contract Capital (Page 308)
B.1.5.2 Agency-wide Automation - Maintenance (Page 311)
B.1.5.3 Agency-wide Automation Enhancements/Replacements - Capital (Page 314)
B.1.5.4 IMPACT Automation Maintenance (Page 317)
B.1.5.5 IMPACT Automation Enhancement/Replacements - Capital (Page 320)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 323)

C.1.1 CPS Reform Direct Delivery Staff (Page 325)
C.1.1.1 Direct Delivery Staff - Statewide Intake Services (Page 328)
C.1.1.2 Direct Delivery Staff - CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 331)
C.1.1.3 Direct Delivery Staff - Child Care Regulation (Page 334)
C.1.1.4 Direct Delivery Staff - IT Program Support (Page 336)
C.1.1.5 Direct Delivery Staff - Maintain Automated System (Page 339)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 341)

C.1.2 CPS Reform Regional Screeners (Page 343)
C.1.2.1 Regional Screeners - CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 346)
C.1.2.2 Regional Screeners - IT Program Support (Page 349)
C.1.2.3 Regional Screeners - Maintain Automated System (Page 351)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 353)

C.1.3 CPS Reform Case Records Compliance (Page 355)
C.1.3.1 Case Records Compliance - CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 358)
C.1.3.2 Case Records Compliance - Maintain Automated System (Page 361)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 363)

C.1.4 CPS Reform Functional Units (Page 365)
C.1.4.1 Functional Units - CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 368)
C.1.4.2 Functional Units - IT Program Support (Page 371)
C.1.4.3 Functional Units - Maintain Automated System (Page 373)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 375)

C.1.5 CPS Reform Expanded Training (Page 377)
C.1.5.1 Expanded Training Program Support and Training (Page 380)
C.1.5.2 Expanded Training - IT Program Support (Page 383)
C.1.5.3 Expanded Training - Maintain Automated System (Page 385)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 387)

C.1.6 CPS Reform Mobile Caseworker (Page 389)
C.1.6.1 Mobile Caseworker - CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 392)
C.1.6.2 Mobile Caseworker Child Care Regulation (Page 395)
C.1.6.3 Mobile Caseworker - Maintain Automated System (Page 397)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 399)

C.1.7 CPS Reform Telemedicine Assessments (Page 401)
C.1.7.1 Telemedicine Assessments - CPS Program Support and Training (Page 403)
C.1.7.2 Telemedicine Assessments Other CPS Purchased Services (Page 404)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 406)

C.1.8 CPS Reform IMPACT Modifications (Page 407)
C.1.9 CPS Reform Purchased Services (Page 409)
C.1.9.1 Purchased Services TWC Foster Day Care (Page 412)
C.1.9.2 Purchased Services Protective Day Care (Page 414)
C.1.9.3 Purchased Services - Adoption (Page 416)
C.1.9.4 Purchased Services Preparation for Adult Living (Page 418)
C.1.9.5 Purchased Services Substance Abuse (Page 420)
C.1.9.6 Purchased Services Other CPS Services (Page 422)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 424)

C.1.10 CPS Reform Salary Package (Page 425)
C.1.11 CPS Reform Child Safety Specialists (Page 429)
C.1.11.1 Child Safety Specialists - CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 432)
C.1.11.2 Child Safety Specialists - IT Program Support (Page 435)
C.1.11.3 Child Safety Specialists - Maintain Automated System (Page 437)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 439)

C.1.12 CPS Reform Diligent Search (Page 441)
C.1.12.1 Diligent Search Program Support and Training (Page 444)
C.1.12.2 Diligent Search Central Administration (Page 446)
C.1.12.3 Diligent Search - IT Program Support (Page 448)
C.1.12.4 Diligent Search - Maintain Automated System (Page 450)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 452)

C.1.13 CPS Reform Management Structure (Page 453)
C.1.13.1 Management Structure - CPS Direct Delivery Staff (Page 456)
C.1.13.2 Management Structure CPS Program Support and Training (Page 459)
C.1.13.3 Management Structure - IT Program Support (Page 462)
C.1.13.4 Management Structure - Maintain Automated System (Page 464)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 466)

C.1.14 CPS Reform Operations Support (Page 467)
C.1.14.1 Operations Support - CPS Program Support and Training (Page 470)
C.1.14.2 Operations Support Child Care Regulation (Page 473)
C.1.14.3 Operations Support - Central Administration (Page 475)
C.1.14.4 Operations Support - IT Program Support (Page 477)
C.1.14.5 Operations Support - Maintain Automated System (Page 479)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 481)

C.1.15 CPS Reform Human Resources Contract (Page 483)
C.1.16 CPS Reform Contract Management (Page 485)
C.1.17 CPS Reform Administrator Evaluator (Page 487)
C.1.18 CPS Reform Contract Oversight (Page 491)
C.1.18.1 Contract Oversight CPS Program Support and Training (Page 494)
C.1.18.2 Contract Oversight - IT Program Support (Page 497)
C.1.18.3 Contract Oversight - Maintain Automated System (Page 499)
Sub-Strategy Summary (Page 501)

C.1.19 CPS Reform Staff Transition (Page 503)

C.1.20 CPS Reform Foster Care Passport (Page 505)

Rider Appropriations and Unexpended Balances Request (Page 509)

Rider Revisions and Additions Request (Page 515)

Exceptional Item Requests (Page 527)

Capital Budget Supporting Schedules (Page 621)

Supporting Schedules:
Historically Underutilized Businesses Schedule (Page 697)
Federal Funds Schedule (Page 699)
Federal Funds Tracking Schedule (Page 719)
Estimated Revenue Collections Schedule (Page 727)
Advisory Committee Schedule (Page 731)
Homeland Security Funding Schedule (Page 737)
Allocation of the Biennial 10 Percent Reduction (Page 739)
Indirect Administrative and Support Costs Schedule (Page 741)
Direct Administrative and Support Costs Schedule (Page 803)