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Table of Contents

Volume 1

Administrator's Statement

Organizational Chart

Summary of Request

Summary of Base Request by Strategy
Summary of Base Request by MOF
Summary of Request by OOE
Summary of Base Request Objective Outcomes
Summary of Exceptional Items Request
Summary of Total Request by Strategy
Summary of Total Request by Objective Outcomes

Strategy and Sub-Strategy Request

A.1.1 Statewide Intake

A.1.01.01 Statewide Intake Direct Delivery Staff
A.1.01.02 Statewide Intake Program Support and Trng
A.1.01.03 Statewide Intake Automation
A.1.01.04 Statewide Intake Automation - Capital
Sub-Strategy Summary

B.1.1 CPS Direct Delivery Staff

B.1.01.01 CPS Direct Delivery Investigation Functional Unit
B.1.01.02 CPS Direct Delivery Family-Based Safety Services Functional Unit
B.1.01.03 CPS Direct Delivery Conservatorship Functional Unit
B.1.01.04 CPS Direct Delivery Foster Adoption Functional Unit
B.1.01.05 CPS Direct Delivery Kinship
B.1.01.06 CPS Direct Delivery Legal
B.1.01.07 CPS Direct Delivery Other
B.1.01.08 Contributed CPS Direct Delivery
Sub-Strategy Summary

B.1.2 CPS Program Support

B.1.02.01 Preparation for Adult Living Staff
B.1.02.02 CPS Program Support
B.1.02.03 CPS Program Training
B.1.02.04 Foster Care Administrative Staff
B.1.02.05 Discretionary Federal Projects
Sub-Strategy Summary

B.1.3 TWC Foster Day Care
B.1.4 TWC Relative Day Care
B.1.5 TWC Protective Day Care
B.1.6 Adoption Purchased Services
B.1.7 Post-Adoption Purchased Services
B.1.8 PAL Purchased Services

B.1.08.01 Preparation for Adult Living Purchased Services
B.1.08.02 PAL Educational Training Voucher (ETV) Program
Sub-Strategy Summary

B.1.9 Substance Abuse Purchased Services

B.1.09.01 Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Services
B.1.09.02 Drug Testing Services
Sub-Strategy Summary

B.1.10 Other CPS Purchased Services

B.1.10.01 Foster/Adoption - Child Welfare Services
B.1.10.02 In-Home - Child Welfare Services
B.1.10.03 Intensive Family Based - Child Welfare Services
B.1.10.04 Temporary Substitute Care
B.1.10.05 All Other CPS Purchased Services
B.1.10.06 Relative Caregiver Home Assessments
Sub-Strategy Summary

B.1.11 Foster Care and Relative Monetary Assistance Payments

B.1.11.01 Foster Care Payments
B.1.11.02 County Foster Care Payments & Administration
B.1.11.03 Relative and Other Designated Caregiver Reimbursement Program
Sub-Strategy Summary

B.1.12 Adoption Subsidy Payments

B.1.12.01 Adoption Subsidy Payments
B.1.12.02 Non-Recurring Adoption Payments
B.1.12.03 Health Care Benefit Subsidy
Sub-Strategy Summary

C.1.1 STAR Program

C.1.01.01 STAR Services
C.1.01.02 Universal Prevention Services
Sub-Strategy Summary

C.1.2 CYD Program
C.1.3 Texas Families Program
C.1.4 Child Abuse Prevention Grants

C.1.5 Other At-Risk Prevention Programs

C.1.05.01 Family Strengthening Services
C.1.05.02 Youth Resiliency Services
C.1.05.03 Community-Based At-Risk Family Services
C.1.05.04 Statewide Youth Services Network
Sub-Strategy Summary

C.1.6 At-Risk Prevention Program Support

C.1.06.01 Runaway Hotline
C.1.06.02 PEI Program Support and Training
C.1.06.03 Contracted Evaluation of Child Abuse/Neglect Prevention
Sub-Strategy Summary

D.1.1 APS Direct Delivery Staff

D.1.01.01 APS Direct Delivery Staff
D.1.01.02 APS Purchased Emergency Client Services
D.1.01.03 APS Telemedicine
Sub-Strategy Summary

D.1.2 APS Program Support

D.1.02.01 APS Program Support
D.1.02.02 APS Program Training
Sub-Strategy Summary

D.1.3 MH and MR Investigations

D.1.03.01 MH and MR Investigations Staff
D.1.03.02 MH and MR Program Support and Training
Sub-Strategy Summary

E.1.1 Child Care Regulation

E.1.01.01 CCR Day Care Staff
E.1.01.02 CCR Residential Child Care Staff
E.1.01.03 CCR Program Support and Training
E.1.01.04 CCR Automation (CLASS)
Sub-Strategy Summary

Volume 2

F.1.1 Central Administration

F.1.01.01 Central Administration
F.1.01.02 Central Administration - Capital
Sub-Strategy Summary

F.1.2 Other Support Services

F.1.02.01 Other Support Services
F.1.02.02 Criminal Background Check Unit
Sub-Strategy Summary

F.1.3 Regional Administration

F.1.4 IT Program Support

F.1.04.01 IT Program Support
F.1.04.02 Agency-Wide Automation - Maintenance
F.1.04.03 IMPACT Automation Maintenance
F.1.04.04 Maintain Automated System - Capital
Sub-Strategy Summary

F.1.5 Agency-Wide Automated Systems

F.1.05.01 Desktop Services Lease for Computer Hardware/Software
F.1.05.02 IMPACT Operational Enhancements
F.1.05.03 TabletPCs for Mobile Casework
F.1.05.04 Residential Contract Oversight System
F.1.05.05 Software Licenses
F.1.05.06 Data Center Consolidation
F.1.05.07 ClassMate
F.1.05.08 Messaging and Collaboration
F.1.05.09 Telecommunications Enhancements
F.1.05.10 Maintain IT Capabilities
F.1.05.11 Records Management - CPS Reform II
F.1.05.12 APS/MH and MR Mobile Caseworker - Reform
F.1.05.13 CPS Mobile Caseworker - CPS Reform I and II
F.1.05.14 APS Reform IMPACT Enhancements
F.1.05.15 APS Reform Telemedicine
F.1.05.16 CPS Reform I IMPACT Enhancements
F.1.05.17 CPS Reform I Telemedicine
F.1.05.18 CPS Reform I IMPACT Hardware
F.1.05.19 Contract Background Checks
F.1.05.20 CPS Reform I - Expansion Telephone Systems
Sub-Strategy Summary

CPS Reform Continued Informational Schedule

Rider Revisions and Additions Request

Exceptional Items Request

Exceptional Item Request Schedule
Exceptional Item Strategy Allocation Schedule
Exceptional Item Strategy Request

Capital Budget Project Schedule - Exceptional

Capital Budget Allocation to Strategies by Project - Exceptional
Capital Budget Supporting Schedules
Capital Budget Project Schedule
Capital Budget Project Information
Capital Budget Allocation to Strategies (Baseline)

Supporting Schedules

Historically Underutilized Businesses Supporting Schedule
Current Biennium One-time Expenditure Schedule
Part 1 - Strategy Allocation 2008-09 Biennium
Part 2 - Strategy Allocation 2010-11 Biennium
Federal Funds Supporting Schedule
Federal Funds Tracking Schedule
Estimated Revenue Collections Supporting Schedule
Advisory Committee Supporting Schedules
10 Percent Biennial Base Reduction Options Schedule

Administrative and Support Costs

Indirect Administrative and Support Costs Schedule
Direct Administrative and Support Costs Schedule