Public Consulting Group Cost Analysis

The Public Consulting Group (PCG) will present the findings and recommendations of a new report on Foster Care Redesign to the Public Private Partnership on Friday, October 10th at 9 AM. The public is welcome to attend.  The meeting will be held at 701 West 51st Street in the Winters Building Public Hearing Room.

The goal of Foster Care Redesign is to increase capacity and enhance the quality of services for children in foster care so that they can safely be placed close to home.  A single contractor in a designated area, known as a Single Source Continuum Contactor (SSCC), is responsible for meeting this goaI. 

In the first two Redesign contracts, DFPS transferred funds to the SSCC that were associated with the tasks that the SSCC took on – such as placement, foster adoption development and contract management.  DFPS also expects the SSCC to enhance services. As part of the ongoing evaluation of Foster Care Redesign, the Public Consulting Group reviewed the start-up, implementation, and on-going costs related to the transfer of funds to the SSCC.