Every day in Texas, hundreds of children are waiting to be adopted. They remain faceless, without a voice, waiting in the wings for a family. The Heart Gallery of Greater Wichita Falls Area features portraits of children in foster care who are eligible for adoption, but not yet in a permanent home. The portraits are taken by local professional photographers. Through the power of the camera lens, the Heart Gallery of Greater Wichita Falls Area hopes to unite these children with their forever family. 

These portraits offer a window into the world of these children and raise awareness of the many needs for adoption right here in the Greater Wichita Falls area. The photographers volunteer their time and talent to photograph these children and truly capture their soul, shedding light on what makes each of them special. The portraits travel to different venues throughout the community in an effort to increase adoptions.

The ultimate goal is to make the Heart Gallery of the Greater Wichita Falls Area an ongoing production that will continue to raise awareness and find homes for children in need of adoption. The children displayed in the Heart Gallery photos are just a few of the many children available for adoption. 

Debra Key, Adoption Supervisor
Heart Gallery of Greater Wichita Falls Area
(940) 521-5016