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Larry’s Story of Financial Exploitation

Larry’s Story of Financial Exploitation

The Investigation Begins

Larry had been living in a boarding home for several years and recently had suffered a fall. APS received a call about his injury and a concern that he seemed unable to manage his money. The report stated that someone might be financially exploiting Larry.

Tom, an APS caseworker, was assigned to the case and confirmed that Larry was having issues making decisions. He discovered that the owner of the boarding home where Larry lived was financially exploiting him. She had taken Larry to the bank to withdraw $72,000 and convinced him to name her the beneficiary of his account “payable on death” (POD). Tom worked with the bank to have Larry’s account frozen, notified law enforcement, and found a safe place for him to move. Tom also had Larry complete a capacity assessment and, based on the results, referred him to guardianship.

APS Takes Further Action

Tom’s next step was to notify the boarding home owner of law enforcement’s investigation. This news prompted her to return $40,000 to Larry’s account. As Tom continued working on the financial exploitation case, Larry ended up in the hospital with an infection. With all of his ongoing problems, Larry was beginning to lose his will to live.

Knowing that his client was facing severe depression, Tom contacted Larry’s longtime friend and encouraged him to stay in touch with Larry. During his call, Tom discovered that Larry had created graphic art for NASA and had won several awards for his work. The friend promised to find the awards, along with family photos, and bring them to Larry. And, he did just that. The friend’s visit and the surprise mementos were the encouragement that Larry needed. He began eating again and continued to get stronger.

Larry Finds a Safe Home

Tom’s commitment and resourcefulness restored some of Larry’s money and his will to keep on living. With the help of the bank, law enforcement, and the doctor, he enabled Larry to live in a safe place with his finances protected.

Larry’s story is an example of how APS works with its partners to protect vulnerable adults who are being abused, neglected, or financially exploited. APS is committed to helping those like Larry have healthier, safer lives with their dignity intact.

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If you see signs of neglect in a neighbor or loved one, help them by making a report to APS.

If you see signs of neglect in a neighbor or loved one, help them by making a report to APS.

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