In-Home Adult Protective Services Handbook Revision December 2008

This revision of the Adult Protective Services Handbook was published on December 1, 2008.

Service Delivery

The 4000 Service Delivery Stage has been deleted and replaced in its entirety by 3000 Service Delivery. The majority of the service delivery policy has remained the same except for the following changes:

  ·  Revised monthly status requirements in the month of closure to reflect As You Go documentation requirements (example: See 3253 Procedure for Monthly Status Contacts in the Month of Closure.)

  ·  Added new requirement to document all contacts within 24 hours (See 3216 Documenting Service Plan Actions and Outcomes in the Outcome Matrix Narrative).

  ·  Revised procedures for maintaining the community resources database in IMPACT (See 3310 IMPACT Community Resource Databases)

  ·  Provided information on HHSC Money Management programs (See: 3340 Representative Payees and Money Management)

  ·  Eliminated requirement to use the Donated Community Service Authorization

  ·  Clarified procedures related to transporting undocumented clients (See 3427 Transporting Clients Who Do Not Have Valid Immigration Documents)

  ·  Added additional goods that can be purchased with procurement cards as well as additional restrictions in the use of the cards (See 3600 Procurement Cards)

Time Frame for Documentation

This policy revision is being submitted to correct an oversight in the original publication of section 2333. The same-day documentation initiative directs staff to document in 24 hours, unless the next day is a weekend or holiday. See:

2333 Documentation of Investigation Contacts