In-Home Adult Protective Services Handbook Revision February 2009

This revision of the In-Home Adult Protective Services Handbook was published on February 2, 2009. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Legal Actions

The former 5000 Legal Alternatives is moved to 4000 Legal Actions. Content is updated and streamlined to eliminate duplication of information. The only major policy change is the addition of the guardianship referral policy which outlines how APS refers guardianship cases to DADS. The legal section has been shortened to reflect only those legal actions and documents that APS specialists see on a regular basis. Procedural language has been added to clarify the steps involved in each legal process.

Any items that contain cross-references affected by heading changes in this revision will be identified and corrected, and published at a later date.

Health Care Directives

Appendix 1: Health Care Directives has been revised to update criteria and steps for medical power of attorney and living wills.

De-Identifying Records

APS specialists do not de-identify records under any circumstances. Specialists forward all requests for records to the regional de-identifier.

Handling IMPACT Checks on Providers When Requested by DADS

APS program administrators or designees are responsible for receiving and processing requests for IMPACT checks from DADS on potential and existing adult foster care providers (DADS Form 2357, DFPS Records Check).

Eligibility for Administrative Reviews

With some exceptions, APS offers administrative review to all designated perpetrators. New forms have been created for this process.

Criteria for Emergency Release of Findings

The specialist must consult with the supervisor, subject matter expert (SME), and regional director or designee to determine if an emergency exists and that it is necessary to release findings before due process is provided.

Notifications to Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners

The steps for notifying the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners of validated findings against a social worker have been added.

Items Updated to Reflect Cross-References Affected by Handbook Reorganization

On completion of the handbook rewrite, APS will review the Adult Protective Services In-Home Handbook for corrections to items that contain cross-references affected by the handbook reorganization, and will publish the results of the updates.

Removal of Sections 6000, 7000, and 8000

The following sections have been replaced by 5000 Confidentiality and Integrity of Records and Review and Hearing Processes, which reflects current policy and procedure:

6000 Case Closure

7000 Case Documentation

8000 Notification, Appeals, and Releases