Adult Protective Services

Handbook Revision, March 2013

This revision of the Adult Protective Services In-Home Handbook was published on March 1, 2013. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Substantial Impairment (PATS 6042)

Rule went into effect in September 2012 defining substantial impairment and corresponding policy further explaining substantial impairment was being inconsistently interpreted or an overly-literal interpretation of the policy was being applied instead of focusing on principles behind the policy.

Due to this, the items regarding substantial impairment and APS eligibility were revised. This revision will replace the existing policy release memos 13-001 and 13-003.


1310 APS Eligibility Criteria

1311 Substantial Impairment

1311.1 Disability Payments and APS Eligibility

1311.2 Chronic Substance Abuse and APS Eligibility

1311.3 Examples: of What Is and Is Not Substantial Impairment

1320 Procedure for Determining APS Eligibility

In addition, the following section has updated links to correspond with updated items in this revision:

1342.2 Procedure for Assessing Mental Health Neglect Allegations (MHNG)