Adult Protective Services

Handbook Revision, November 1, 2017

This revision of the Adult Protective Services In-Home Handbook was published on November 1, 2017. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

APS In-Home FY 2018 Release 1 (PATS 10432)

This APS In-Home policy release (FY18, Release 1) includes the following changes:

  •   Updated the policy and procedure for high profile cases.

  •   Removed SHIELD as the identifying name for APS assessment tools.

  •   Added new section for working with the Forensic Assessment Center Network.

  •   Removed Form 2206 for alleged victim and client death.

  •   Updated that Form 2272 must be completed when a client dies and abuse or neglect is suspected to have contributed.

  •   Updated and combined purchased client services sections for clarification.

  •   Updated purchase order for placement services to include residential care facilities, assisted living facilities, and adult foster care facilities.



2134 Sensitive and High Profile Cases

2134.1 Procedure for Sensitive and High Profile Cases


2400 SHIELD Assessment Tools


2615 Procedure for Working With the Forensic Assessment Center Network (FACN)


2640 Alleged Victim Dies During the Investigation


2810 Procedure for Completing the Risk of Recidivism Assessment


3330 Community Resource Coordination Groups for Adults (CRCGAs)

3340 Representative Payees and Money Management


3570 Client Dies During Service Delivery


3573 Procedure When a Client's Death May Involve Allegations Validated in the Investigation Stage


3574 Procedure When a Client's Death May Involve New Incidents of Allegations Investigated or Validated During the Investigation Stage


3575 Procedure When a Client's Death Involves New Allegations of Abuse or Neglect by an Alleged Perpetrator


3600 Purchased Client Services (PCS)

3610 Description of Purchased Client Services

3611 Use of Purchased Client Services for Guardianship Referrals

3630 3612 Restrictions Involving Purchased Client Services

3620 Procedures for Using Purchased Client Services (PCS)

3631 3621 Assessing the Need for Purchased Client Services

3640 3622 Developing a Service Plan When Using Purchased Client Services (PCS)

3660 3623 Verbal Authorization of Authorizing Purchased Client Services

3680 3624 Monitoring Purchased Client Services

3650 3625 Obtaining Approval for Purchased Client Services

3651 Procedure for Obtaining Approvals for Purchased Client Services

3694 3626 Obtaining an Emergency Medical or Mental Health Assessment

3690 3627 Specific Purchases Using Purchased Client Services

3691 3627.1 Providing Emergency Protective Services in Home- and Community-based Services (HCS) Programs

3692 3627.2 Storage Unit Fees

3692.1 3627.21 Procedure for Payment of Storage Unit Fees

3693 3627.3 Applied Income Payment in Nursing Facility Homes

3693.1 3627.31 Procedure for Payment of Applied Income

3627.4 Eviction of Alleged Perpetrator

3627.41 Procedure for Payment of Eviction of an Alleged Perpetrator

3627.42 Documenting Payment and Client Initiation of Eviction of an Alleged Perpetrator

3627.5 Major Appliance Purchases

3627.6 Home Repairs or Heavy Cleaning

3627.7 Consignment Agreement for Bus or Van Transportation

3627.71 Procedure for Consignment Agreements for Bus or Van Transportation

3695 3627.8 Care of an APS Client's Pet

3630 Documenting Purchased Client Services

3632 3631 Client's Budget and Financial Resources

3641 3632 Client's Participation in Service Planning

3633 Receipt of Purchased Goods or Services by Client

3634 Approvals for Purchased Client Services

3670 3635 APS Service Authorization

3671 3636 Modifying the Initial Service Authorization

3610 3700 Methods for Use of Purchased Client Services

3611 3710 State Term Contract Procurement Cards

3611.1 State Term Contract Procurement Card Issuance Requirements

3611.2 3711 Procedures for Using State Term Contract Procurement Cards

3611.3 3711.1 Transaction Limits on Procurement Cards

3611.4 3711.2 Returns of Goods Purchased With a Procurement Card

3611.5 3711.3 Decline of a Procurement Card

3611.6 3711.4 Security for Procurement Card

3611.7 3711.5 Fraudulent Use, Disputed Transactions, or Lost or Stolen Procurement Cards

3611.8 3711.6 Reconciling the Billing Statement for a State Term Contract Procurement Card

3611.9 3712 Documenting Purchases Made With State Term Contract Procurement Card

3612 3720 Purchase Order for Placement Services (POPS)

3612.1 3721 Placement Procedures for Submitting a POPS to Contract With a Nursing Home

3612.2 3722 Determining the Rate for a POPS

3723 Responsibilities of APS Contract Staff

3724 Monitoring Medicaid Eligibility Status for POPS

3612.3 3725 Documentation Requirements for POPS

3612.4 3725.1 Documentation Requirements for Subsequent 60-Day Placements

3620 3730 Contracts

3731 Procedure for Contracts

3732 Documentation Requirements for Contracts

3621 3740 Claims Processing

3621.1 3741 Procedure for Claims Processing

3741.1 Electronic Signature

3741.2 Email a Service Authorization

3742 Documentation Requirements for Claims Processing

3750 Using Program-Directed Purchase

3751 Procedure for Program-Directed Purchase

3752 Documentation Requirements for a Program-Directed Purchase

3696 3760 Travel Purchases

3696.1 3761 Procedure for Travel Purchases

3696.2 3762 Documentation Requirements for Travel Purchases


The headings below were re-numbered only due to the re-numbering above:

3700 3800 Consignment Agreements

3710 3810 Definition of Consignment Agreements

3720 3820 Procedures for Consignment Agreements

3730 3830 Determining Rate for Goods or Services Purchased Using a Consignment Agreement

3740 3840 Responsibilities of Regional Management and Contract Staff

3750 3850 Documentation Requirements for Goods or Services Purchased Using a Consignment Agreement


Appendix XVII: Assessments SHIELD Policy and Procedures Overview