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State Adoption Websites

Military Families

National organization dedicated to identifying and resolving issues of concern to military families.

Adoption Costs

The cost of adoption is minimal with a public state agency. The cost varies with the private adoption agencies in your state. However, children may qualify for adoption assistance resources and the federal government offers income tax credits to families who adopt children.

Children with Special Needs

Most public state agencies, including the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), will only train and complete a home study for families who are willing to foster or adopt children who:

  • are waiting for adoption and
  • who may have special needs.

Children with special needs:

  • may be school-aged through 18 years;
  • may have special medical, physical, or emotional needs;
  • may belong to any ethnicity or race; and
  • may be a part of a group of brothers and sisters who need to be placed together.

Many of the children waiting for adoption have one or more special needs.


Families from Canada can visit:

If you are interested in a Texas child waiting for adoption, but you live in another state and have not completed a home study, we encourage you to get approved to adopt within your state first.

US MapNote: Whenever possible, links point directly to a page that explains the adoption process in your state. Texas works with interested families from other states, however we cannot approve or develop home studies on families outside Texas. We encourage you to get approved to adopt within your state first. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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