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How to Support Foster Care

Foster Care Month

Things You Can Do During Foster Care Month in May

Raise Public Awareness

Distribute information about foster care needs in your community or compelling stories to newsletters, advocacy groups, bulletin boards, public service announcements, parent/teacher organizations, community centers, web sites and special interest groups.

Write, Visit, Fax, Phone, or E-mail your Elected Officials
  • Request that your governor, state legislators and mayor proclaim the month of May as Foster Care Month. Send personalized letters to your elected officials with information about the foster care system in your own community.
  • Notify your U.S. Representative and Senators about foster care month activities.
Sponsor or Co-Sponsor an event

Organize an event such as a dinner, coffee gathering, picnic, auction, etc. Invite foster families, community activists, elected officials and your friends and encourage them to hold their own events.

Enlist Local Newspapers, TV and Radio Stations
  • Hold a press conference.
  • Write a letter to the newspaper editor and encourage others to do so.
  • Meet with reporters and the editorial board of your newspaper and urge them to write positive stories about foster parents, recognizing the need for more foster parents and highlighting activities built around Foster Care Month. Educate them about the challenges facing youth "aging out" of care.
Recruit Volunteers
  • Recruit members of your organization, church, workplace, neighborhood or community center to volunteer to support foster families or to become foster parents.
  • Request the assistance of your religious and business leaders in building Foster Care Month awareness in the community.
Distribute Promotional Material/s in Your Community
  • Post information on your personal/organizational web site.
  • Distribute foster care fact sheets, bumper stickers, book marks/inserts, banners and other materials with foster care information.
  • Request that your local grocery stores print foster care messages on their bags
Provide Recognition
  • Community / Business support
  • Kinship Caregivers
  • Media
  • Respite care provider

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Where to Place Promotional Materials

  • Beauty shops, barber shops, and restaurants (placemats or menus)
  • Bus/taxi placards and bus benches
  • Bowling sheets
  • Community fairs and special events
  • Hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices
  • Local weekly newspapers, ethnic or religious newspapers, free advertiser-supported papers, and organization newsletters
  • In telephone bills, utility bills, bank statements, and local employee envelopes
  • Family attractions in local community and theme parks
  • Local sports events (Request that an adoption message be printed on programs, tickets, cups, or given as an announcement during half-time.)
  • Flyers on Pizza boxes
  • Local businesses (Request that an adoption message be used instead of music for part or all of November -Adoption Awareness Month- or May -National Foster Care Month- while callers are placed on hold.)
Other Places to Promote Adoption and Foster Care Awareness
  • Radio and TV talk show interviews
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • High school classes
  • Advertising agencies
  • Your own office or work place
  • Your church

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Messages for Local Publications or for Radio Announcements

The following messages may be distributed for inclusion in local publications such as newspapers, church bulletins, newsletters in community and parent teacher organizations, employee communications, and any other special interest group concerned about Texas children. They may also be used for radio announcements.

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Children are the most precious beings on earth. Foster and adoptive parents help children who have endured more than most could possibly imagine. You can show them the love and support a family can give each other. "Become an foster parent" Call (your number or 1-800-233-3405) or visit us at

15 seconds
"Texas puts Kids First!" Thinking about investing? Start with your family life. Enrich your lives with the joy and challenges children give. Dare to Love! Call Child Protective Services to become a foster or adoptive parent, information line at (your number or 1-800-233-3405) or visit us at

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"Give them a smiling chance" If you are thinking of becoming a parent, consider your options! Become a foster or adoptive parent. Dare to Love! Call Child Protective, Services, information line at (your number or 1-800-233-3405) or visit us at

20 seconds
"Open your heart, open your home to a child" This is the challenge many Texas families have accepted! Adoptive and foster parents are special people - people like you, who are single, married, working couples, retirees, military personnel, people of all ages and income brackets. Adoption subsidies are provided for eligible children entering adoption. Financial reimbursement is provided to foster families. Call (your number or 1-800-233-3405) or visit us at

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"Foster/Adopt!" Adoptive and foster families are single persons, married couples, widowed, or divorced. They may have children of their own. They may rent or own their home. They may be retired or employed outside the home, as long as they are self-supporting. They come from all financial and cultural backgrounds. Call Child Protective Services for foster care and adoption information at (your number or 1-800-233-3405) or visit us at

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"Open your Heart to a Child" It's all about kids - older kids, kids from African American and Hispanic heritage, brothers and sisters who need to stay together, kids with disabilities, they are all children who need a place to call home. "Open your home to a child" Become an adoptive or foster parent. Call Child Protective Services for foster care and adoption information at (your number or 1-800-233-3405) or visit us at

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