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Protect Texas Adults By Adult Protective Services

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About APS

Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Adult Protective Services, or APS, investigates allegations of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of adults aged 65 and older, and adults aged 18 to 64 who have a disability and live in the community. Adult Protective Services can provide short-term help with emergency shelter, minor home repairs, emergency food, transportation to doctors' appointments, referrals for money management, assistance making appointments for medical care, referrals for home healthcare services, and referrals for mental health services. Longer-term solutions include advocating for clients to receive government benefits and connecting clients with social service agencies.

APS Mission

To fight for those who can't fight for themselves. People who are being abused, neglected, or exploited. Adults who are older or have disabilities. Texans with nowhere else to turn.

To take on the most difficult challenges that affect the most vulnerable. To be fearless in our pursuit and compassionate in our approach.

To be creative in our solutions because we know that no two clients are the same. We use our experience, intuition, and a caregiving nature to find unique solutions for each person. We are resourceful in our approach.

At APS, we put our hearts into it. We always carry our humanity with us and remember that our clients have unique life experiences, feelings, opinions, and the right to make their own decisions.

Our goal is to build relationships by working together with clients, families, and community partners. When we do this, we are able to help so many Texans have healthier, safer lives, with their dignity intact.

Myths and Facts About APS



APS can remove clients from their homes.


APS cannot make an adult leave his or her home if he or she has the ability to make decisions. If there is a threat to the client's life or physical safety and the client lacks the capacity to consent to services and no one else can give consent, APS can seek emergency removal.



APS has emergency shelters for those who need one.


APS does not have readily available shelters for clients. APS works with partners like law enforcement, homeless shelters, and other groups to find temporary solutions for at-risk clients.



APS investigates abuse in assisted living and nursing homes.


APS investigates allegations involving individuals living in the community. Concerns about possible abuse in nursing homes should be reported to 800-458-9858.



Clients must agree to services offered by APS.


APS clients are adults and have the right to refuse services unless there is a possible threat to their safety.



APS alone is responsible for protecting vulnerable adults.


APS is a team of dedicated individuals. They work with law enforcement, mental health specialists, doctors, and other community partners to ensure clients have services that keep them safe.



It is okay if you suspect abuse but don't report it.


State law requires everyone to report suspected abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation of adults who are elderly or have disabilities to DFPS. These reports are protected by law.

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