APS In-Home Revision May 2007

On May 1, 2007, the following APS In-Home revisions were published. Explanations of the revisions are below.

Donated Funds, Goods, and Services

Item 1800, Acceptance and Use of Donated Funds, Goods, and Services, has been renumbered. The content has not been revised and is not displayed. See:

4380 Acceptance and Use of Donated Funds, Goods, and Services

APS Overview: Purpose, Clients' Rights, Scope and Eligibility, Types of Allegations and Priorities, Sensitive Cases

The following sections and items have been replaced and the content has been combined:

1000 Program Introduction

2000 Intake

3322 Cultural Competency in Investigations

3322.1 Guidelines for Conducting Culturally Competent Interviews

4120 Cultural Competency in Service Delivery

The new section, which includes an updated numbering system,:presents content in a manner that distinguishes policy from procedure. See:

1000 Program Overview: Adult Protective Services (APS)

The following appendix was added to clarify jurisdictions for investigations of facilities. See:

Appendix II: Facilities and Jurisdictions

The following items have been revised to delete obsolete cross-references to the replaced Item 1200 content. No other revision was made to policy or procedure, and the revision date line has not been changed. See:

3251 Verification of Disability

3321.2 Interviewing Minors

3540 Validation of Family Violence Allegations

Appendix IX: Definitions Related to Guardianship Cases

Handbook Reorganization Plan

The APS In-Home Handbook is undergoing complete reorganization. New sections that are under development are:

2000 Investigations

3000 Service Delivery

4000 Purchased Services

5000 Legal

6000 Release and Notification

7000 Case Closure

New content will be published one section at a time.