Types of Records Requests

There are two main categories of DFPS records: case records and administrative records.

Case records are confidential by law and are released to people personally involved in the case, or to those entities who need the record to carry out professional duties. To protect privacy, case records are often redacted.

Administrative records reflect the general business of the agency. They include records on personnel, contracts, travel, statistics, data, policies, and laws related to DFPS.

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DFPS must comply with all statutes and rules on confidentiality. These laws include:

  • Texas Family Code §261.201
  • Texas Human Resources Code §48.101
  • Texas Administrative Code
  • 40 TAC §§700.201-700.207 for Child Protective Services
  • 40 TAC §§705.7101-705.7123 for Adult Protective Services
  • 40 TAC §§745.8481-8493 for Child Care Licensing