DFPS is working with stakeholders to execute a thorough project and implementation plan that must account for various considerations, including the fact that during the transition (January 2025-August 2027) to T3C, children, youth, and young adults will be served under four different funding structures which include the following:

  • The CBC Blended Foster Care System;
  • The CBC T3C System;
  • The Legacy Service Level System; and
  • The Legacy T3C System.

Based on the implementation plan for T3C (which is anticipated to fully roll out by FY 2028) and CBC (statewide implementation of Stage I by FY 2029), there will be a period (12-18 months) where there will be overlap between CBC and the legacy system both operating under the T3C model.

In Fiscal Year 2024 all efforts are dedicated to ensuring the state’s infrastructure is built and in place so that children, youth, and young adults in foster care can receive services under the T3C System in January 2025. 

Implementation of the T3C System is designed to be an iterative process.  As information and data are gathered, and through the establishment of the third-party Continuous Quality Assurance and Improvement Process, modifications will be made.

Phase Timeframe
Phase 1 - Infrastructure and System Readiness June 2023 - December 2024
Phase 2 - Transition of Services and Children January 2025 - August 2027
Phase 3 - Full Implementation September 2027
Phase 4 - Refinement Ongoing