Ongoing Development of the Credentialing Process

Beginning in 2024, new and existing providers electing to provide one or more of the T3C Service Packages and/or Add-On Services will need to apply to become credentialed. 

Based on the current T3C roll-out schedule, all providers will have to become credentialed before September 1, 2027, to provide services to children and youth in DFPS conservatorship or young adults in Extended Foster Care (except for providers only offering Supervised Independent Living Services).

DFPS is currently working with stakeholders to develop the process that will be used to Credential providers, based on one or more of the twenty-four Service Packages and three Add-On Services. 

Once the process has been finalized, DFPS will release an update to providers outlining the step-by-step process, including a comprehensive list of what providers will need to submit to become Credentialed.  This list and step-by-step process is anticipated to be released in July of 2024.

For more information on the Credentialing Process, please see the T3C System Blueprint.