DFPS partners with and supports organizations that seek competitive grant opportunities when those grants are consistent with the core mission and programs of the agency. In these cases, DFPS may provide either a Letter of Support or a Letter of Commitment when requested.

Letter of Support

A Letter of Support (LOS) is a reference letter that states that the goals of an entity applying for the grant align with DFPS’s own goals and that DFPS supports the entity’s efforts. A LOS does not guarantee the provision of DFPS resources to a project. Please reach out to your regional or district DFPS office or your DFPS project contact if you would like to request a LOS. If the request is for a statewide or multi-region project, email the DFPS Grants Mailbox or your state office contact.

Letter of Commitment

A Letter of Commitment (LOC) may be requested from DFPS in order to partner on grant-funded projects that are consistent with the DFPS mission and programs. DFPS may provide a LOC to an external entity for the provision of DFPS resources which may include, but is not limited to, funding, staff time, or data. An LOC is a precursor to a Memorandum of Understanding. Please reach out to your regional DFPS contact or the DFPS Grants Mailbox if you would like to request a LOC.

Note: DFPS requires at least two weeks to process a LOC request.

Research Partners

DFPS also supports well-founded research regarding our adult clients and children and families involved in the child welfare system. All requests for DFPS data should follow the guidelines listed on the Requesting Research Information from DFPS page.