Contract Performance is part of the Office of Data and Systems Improvement (DSI). DSI’s mission is to build an infrastructure and environment that ensures effective coordination, communication and consistency across the agency around data reporting and how it’s used in understanding and improving performance and outcomes.

DSI helps ensure DFPS uses data to continuously and proactively identify and address areas of concern and build on areas of strength to better fulfill our mission of protecting the unprotected. Contract Performance helps fulfill that mission by crafting meaningful contract performance measures and actionable reports, and supporting CPS and APS contract managers and program in using that information to understand and improve the quality of contracted services.

In addition, Contract Performance provides external client service contractor staff with technical assistance and training on PCS-specific Internet-based applications, including the Performance Management Evaluation Tool (PMET). The unit also supports special projects and initiatives to implement statewide strategies for improving outcomes in contracting and service delivery.

Quality Metrics Reports

Senate Bill (SB) 11 passed in the 85th legislative session requires DFPS to develop quality metrics for purchased client services in Family-Based Safety Services (FBSS) and for post-adoption and post-permanency services. Based on clarified legislative intent, SB 11 for FBSS only applies to Evaluation and Treatment and Substance Abuse services. The quality metrics for FBSS also only apply to providers in areas where there is no privatization of FBSS case management.