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    What is Prevention and Early Intervention?

    The DFPS Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) division focuses on stopping bad outcomes before they happen.

    Prevention and Early Intervention Prevention and Early Intervention

    PEI's Responsibilities

    PEI's responsibilities include:

    • Manages programs that help prevent child abuse and other bad outcomes.
    • Helps communities identify and meet their needs.
    • Shares tips for parents and information everyone can use to keep kids safe.
    • Recommends best practices and policies to reduce child abuse.

    Helping Families & Communities

    Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) helps families and communities prevent:

    • Child abuse and neglect.
    • Juvenile delinquency.
    • Runaway youth.
    • Truancy.

    What Does PEI Do?

    • We manage programs that offer free, voluntary services to families. Read our program descriptions to learn more about each program. Use our service locator to see what programs are available in your county.
    • We don’t provide services directly. Instead, we contract with local nonprofits, governments, and schools. We provide funding and other resources to support these local service providers and the families they help. If you are a PEI contractor or want to work with us, review our information for grantees.
    • We spread the word about ways to keep kids safe. We also share tips for parents. Our articles, videos, and resource library are all available to the public. Click the links below to learn more.  
    • We have a special office that works to reduce serious injuries and deaths caused by child abuse. The Office of Child Safety reviews cases, conducts research, writes reports, and makes recommendations.