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Baby Safety

September is Baby Safety Month and is a great chance to educate parents and caregivers on baby safety standards and tips. While baby safety is important year-round, for the month of September, we encourage you to promote baby safety and education with your networks. We’ve put together this toolkit with social media posts, resources, and graphics to help raise awareness about the importance of baby safety.

These messages and links can be used as is, or they can be customized in any way that works best for your community by directing people to your prevention program’s information.

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Dates to Remember: September 18-24, the third week of the month, is Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week.

Sample Social Media Posts

Hashtags: #BabySafety #BabySafetyMonth #BabyProof #BabyProofing #ChildSafety #ChildPassengerSafety #SafeSleep #WaterSafety

  • Did you know September is Baby Safety Month? has babyproofing tips to help prevent accidents in your home before they happen. Learn more at:
  • September is Baby Safety Month, and a good way to keep your little one safe in and around the house is by childproofing your home. Learn how at:
  • Babyproofing your home is one of those tasks that might seem easy... until you start. It can feel overwhelming, but don't panic! Check out this babyproofing checklist to help you get started:
  • Babyproofing your home is a big job, and you're going to want to give yourself lots of time to make sure your home is as safe as possible for your little one. Get babyproofing tips at:
  • You don't have to start babyproofing your home before your baby is born, but it's a good idea to complete your babyproofing checklist before your child starts crawling. Download the free babyproofing checklist here:
  • September is Baby Safety month and has many safety tips for babies in and around the house at:
  • Ensuring your baby's safety is a parent's number one priority, whether it's in the car, around the water, or in their crib. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to begin, but have no fear, as can help:
  • Child car safety isn't only necessary inside a vehicle. Did you know many accidents happen in or around vehicles when they are parked or idling? Learn more at:
  • September is Baby Safety month. Do you know if your baby is sleeping as safely as possible? has many tips to learn how to get your baby ready for sleep safely:
  • Once your baby is settled in a bath, never leave him or her alone, not even for a second. Drain the water once your baby has finished bathing, and never take your eyes off of him or her. For more water safety tips, visit

Sample Images

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Babyproof Your Home.
Household Safety. Check bags, purses, breakable items, batteries & small toys.
Living room. Check on plants, TVs, fireplaces, furniture & sharp corners.
Bathroom. Check flooring, drawers, bathtubs, and medicine.
Nursery. Check cribs, changing tables, furniture & toys.
Kitchen. Check stoves, appliances, cleaning supplies, trash, dishes, and cookware.
Check stairs, windows, electrical outlets, doors, furniture and pets.
Garage & Outdoors. Check on doors, cars, pools, water, pet doors, cleaners and chemicals.
Babies should always: sleep alone, on their back, in an empty crib.
Watch kids around water at all times.
Keep litle passengers safe! #childpassengersafety. Girl.
Keep litle passengers safe! #childpassengersafety.  Boy.