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State Office Contracts are unique, beginning with whom we contract, the population we serve, the complexity of the contracts, and the resulting contract documents.

State Office Contracts currently manages 100 individual contracts each with their own unique services. State Office Contracts range from $15,000 - $110,000,000 in total contract value. Contracts are procured through a variety of methods which includes:

  • Interagency Cooperation Contract
  • Competitive bids such a Request for Proposal, Request for Application or Invitation for Bid
  • Proprietary Purchase

State Office Contracts manages both client service contracts that are established to provide goods or services primarily for the direct benefit of children and families receiving services from DFPS and administrative contracts that are primarily used in the day-to-day support of the DFPS’s administrative operations. Below are a few examples of the type of contracts managed by State Office Contracts:

  • Forensic Assessment
  • Daycare and Child Development
  • Educational, Training, Voucher program
  • Employee Assistance and Well Being Contract
  • Staff Training
  • Translation Services
  • Title IV-E University Stipend Program

Contact Information

Role Name/Email Phone
Division Administrator Leroy Torres (512) 971-0972
Contract Manager Nicole Zaman (512) 552-1445
Contract Manager Rene Fernandez (512) 568-4173
Contract Manager Gayle Harris (512) 960-9330
Contract Technician Alyxis Fuentes (512) 460-8158