Report Abuse to DFPS

Call our Abuse Hotline toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nationwide, or report with our secure website and get a response within 24 hours.

We cannot accept email reports of suspected abuse or neglect.

Anonymous Reports of Child Abuse and Neglect

Effective September 1, 2023, DFPS cannot accept anonymous reports of abuse and neglect involving children and their families. Reporters must provide a first and last name and home or business phone number to meet new reporting requirements. Anonymous reports of child abuse and neglect may be made to local and state law enforcement agencies instead. Reporters' names are confidential by law.

Reports of Abuse and Neglect Involving Home Health and Hospice Providers

Effective September 1, 2023, reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of consumers by a Home and Community Support Service Agency (HCSSA) provider (i.e., home health or hospice provider), regardless of payment source (Medicaid, Medicare, private pay), will transition from DFPS to HHSC Complaint and Incident Intake (CII). These concerns will not be investigated by DFPS.

You may make a report to HHSC Complaint and Incident Intake (CII):

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) has a central place to report:

  • Child abuse and neglect.
  • Abuse, neglect, self-neglect, and exploitation of the elderly or adults with disabilities living at home.
  • Abuse of children in child-care facilities or treatment centers.
  • Abuse of adults and children who live in state facilities or are being helped by programs for people with mental illness or intellectual disabilities. These reports are investigated by HHSC Provider Investigations, not DFPS.

Anyone who has a reasonable cause to believe a child, or person 65 years or older, or an adult with disabilities is being abused, neglected, or exploited must report it to DFPS according to Texas laws.

A person who reports abuse in good faith is immune from civil or criminal liability. DFPS keeps the name of the person making the report confidential. Anyone who does not report suspected abuse can be held liable for a misdemeanor or felony.

Time frames for investigating reports are based on the severity of the allegations. Reporting suspected abuse makes it possible for a family to get help.

Recognizing Signs of Abuse

Legal Definitions of Abuse