What is Rulemaking?

Rulemaking is the process for developing and issuing rules. The rulemaking process can lead to the issuance of a new rule, an amendment to an existing rule, or the repeal of an existing rule.

Rules describe the procedure/practice of a state agency or other state government entity.  Rules implement or interpret law and/ or prescribe policy. Rules outline policies/practices that impact the public and external stakeholders.

What is the Rulemaking Process for DFPS?Rulemaking Process for DFPS

Step 1: DFPS proposes rules for publication in the Texas Register

Step 2: The proposed rules are open for public comment for at least 30 days.

Step 3: Once the public comment period ends, DFPS prepares the rules for adoption and address comments received from the public.

Step 4: DFPS submits the rules for publication in the Texas Register.

Step 5: The rules are adopted with the effective date.

DFPS Rules

DFPS proposes rules under Human Resources Code §40.027, which requires the DFPS Commissioner to oversee the development of rules relating to matters within DFPS jurisdiction and adopt rules for the operation and provision of services by DFPS. The commissioner publishes DFPS rules in the Texas Register to notify the public and allow the public to review and make comments. The public comment period begins on the date the notice is published in the Texas Register and lasts for at least 30 days. During the time that the proposed rules are published in the Texas Register, DFPS also publishes the rules below on the DFPS website. You can find the current effective rules in the Texas Administrative Code.

Proposed Rules

No proposed rules at this time.