Adult Protective Services

Handbook Revision, April 2017

This revision of the Adult Protective Services In-Home Handbook was published on April 3, 2017. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

APS In-Home FY17 R2 (PATS 9892)

APS In-Home is releasing policy revisions two times a year and this will be the second release for FY 2017. The release contains edits to existing policy and addition of new policy to the APS In-Home handbook. The changes are designed to provide clarification in each of these areas in order to address requests from external stakeholders and district staff.

Summary of Changes:

  •   Added instruction to complete form 2206 when client dies during investigation or a service delivery stage if there is suspected abuse or neglect by a perpetrator.

  •   Revised LE suspect/conclusion notification process.

  •   Clarified definition of Unable to Determine disposition.

  •   Updated Conclusion Justification format.

  •   Clarified APS staff cannot personally benefit from rebates or coupons offered through use of PCS card.

  •   Revised PCS limits and approvals process.

  •   Clarified information pertaining to HIV/AIDS clients must be redacted in all cases prior to release outside of DFPS.

  •   Added new section for sharing information with State Supported Living Centers.

  •   Clarified the APS specialist does not send the Notice of Findings letter to the designated perpetrator until after the supervisor has approved case for closure of stage progression.

  •   Added new required information for Conclusion Justification when the case is Valid-Reportable Conduct.

  •   Added a notification to EMR coordinator is required when an emergency release is completed for a perpetrator awaiting the EMR process.

Throughout this handbook we have made the following change in terminology and usage with no change to the revision dates of items containing the terms:

Regional director changed to district director


2134 Sensitive and High Profile Cases

2134.1 Procedure for Sensitive and High Profile Cases


2271 Procedure for Referrals to Law Enforcement


2640 Alleged Victim Dies During the Investigation

2641 Procedure When Alleged Victim Dies Before the Initial Face-to-Face Is Completed

2642 Procedure When Alleged Victim's Death is Related to Natural Causes, Accident, or Self-Neglect


2710 Allegation Disposition


2714 Documentation of Conclusion Justification

2715 Example of Conclusion Justification


3570 Client Dies During Service Delivery


3612 Restrictions Involving of Purchased Client Services


3625 Obtaining Management Approval for Purchased Client Services (PCS) for the Client, Family Members, or Caretakers


3711.1 Transaction Limits on Procurement Cards


5125 Confidentiality of Persons Who Are HIV-Positive or Have AIDS


5160 Release of Information to State Supported Living Centers (SSLC)

5161 Procedure for Release of Information to State Supported Living Centers (SSLC)


5320 Notifying the Designated Perpetrator About Findings and Eligibility for a Desk Review


5412.1 Required Information for EMR Eligible Investigations

5412.2 Entering the Valid-Reportable Conduct Finding in IMPACT

5412.21 Documenting the EMR Investigation Conclusion


5420 Due Process for Non-EMR Cases

5421 Sending Notice of Intent to Release in Non-EMR Cases


5424.1 Notification of Decision in Non-EMR Cases


5430 Due Process for Client Protection