General Information

DFPS is responsible for maintaining lots of information that does not consist of case records. This information, broadly referred to as "administrative records,” is created when DFPS takes action on the general business of the agency. Examples of administrative records include:

  • personnel records
  • contract records
  • travel records
  • statistical and data records
  • policy matters
  • statutes and rules related to DFPS [Read more]

Making a Request

Your request for an administrative record does not need to include any special language. Please identify as specifically as possible the information you want and make sure you request documents maintained by DFPS. [Read more]

Time Frames

The amount of time it takes DFPS to fulfill your request for an administrative record depends on the size and scope of the record. DFPS is required to promptly fulfill a request considered releasable. When you need to obtain an administrative record quickly, DFPS will try to accommodate you, but may not be able to expedite your request. If DFPS cannot provide you with a releasable administrative record within 10 business days, DFPS must tell you when the information will be released to you.


If your request involves significant cost to DFPS, you may be asked to pay for the information you want. To determine your cost for an administrative record, DFPS looks to:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Public Information Act?

What are my rights as a requestor?

When will I receive the requested information?