In June 2017 DFPS was awarded a grant from the Office of the Governor’s Child sex Trafficking Team which established the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation (HTCE) division. The DFPS Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Division researches models of service and programs for child trafficking victims and facilitates Human Trafficking Prevention and Intervention Training for DFPS personnel, contracted providers, and youth in foster care.

Strategies are developed for providing long-term, wrap-around services for child victims of human trafficking in Texas. The Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Division partners with DFPS staff and community stakeholders including but not limited to law enforcement, city/county/state government, advocacy agencies, and faith-based organizations.

HTCE Action Plan

Identification and Recovery

  • Investigations of Familial Trafficking.
  • Maximize Special Investigations’ expertise.
  • Training all staff.
  • Developed HT response protocols.
  • HTCE coordination with all stages of service for improved outcomes.


Assess and expand continuum of care for youth in foster care.

  • Care Coordination Teams.
  • Advocate Agencies.
  • HT Summit 2018 in Houston.
  • DFPS-led Administration for Children and Families Region VI Human Trafficking Workgroup