Authority/Reference(s) Texas Family Code §264.155
Revision Date April 6, 2023


Under statute, a Single Source Continuum Contractor (SSCC) must give preferential employment opportunities to DFPS employees impacted by the implementation of the Community Based Care (CBC) program, provided the employee is in good standing with DFPS. This allows staff to transfer DFPS programmatic knowledge, which is instrumental to the success of the SSCC, meeting the intent of the legislation.

When hiring past or current DFPS employees, the SSCC must ensure any potential conflicts of interest are addressed prior to extending an offer of employment. The SSCC must contact DFPS Ethics Policy to request determination for eligibility of employment for any DFPS staff or DFPS consultant who:

  • Is currently, or has within the last two years been, employed by DFPS at a salary range of B25 or higher, or
  • May pose a potential conflict of interest due to nepotism.

Conflict of Interest and Nepotism

The SSCC contracts contain terms and conditions to address nepotism between the SSCC’s workforce and DFPS. The SSCC cannot hire or assign a staff member within the SSCC’s organization that would directly or indirectly create a conflict of interest involving a relative employed by DFPS or the SSCC.

Relatives or people living in the same household as employees in the following positions may constitute a conflict of interest  for which the SSCC must notify DFPS:

  • CPS Regional Directors;
  • CPS CBC Regional Administrators;
  • CBC Contract Management Staff;
  • DFPS Contracts Legal Staff;
  • CPS State Office Leadership who oversee CBC; and,
  • DFPS staff who developed procurement documents, contract documents, or have had responsibility for negotiations with the SSCC.