Authority/Reference(s) Texas Government Code, §403.074
Revision Date September 7, 2018


A miscellaneous claim is a request for a payment owed to a contractor in which appropriations have lapsed. Contractors are allowed to make a request for a miscellaneous claim through the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Comptroller).

Common reasons why a miscellaneous claim may be filed with the Comptroller's office are:

  • A contractor delivered services and has billed after appropriations have expired;
  • A contractor requests that an expired warrant be reissued;
  • DFPS determines that a payment is owed to a contractor after conducting an audit of its programs; or
  • Other claim justified by state contract or state law.

Miscellaneous Claims Process

The Comptroller's office oversees the miscellaneous claim process. The contractor completes a Miscellaneous Claim Application.

For questions, contractors may call 1-800-531-5441, ext. 3-4807 or 512-463-4807