Download the Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR)

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FY22-23 LARTable of Contents

Volume 1

  • Administrator's Statement
  • Organizational Chart
  • Certificate of Dual Submissions
  • Budget Overview
  • Summaries of Request
    • 2.A. Summary of Base Request by Strategy
    • 2.B. Summary of Base Request by Method of Finance
    • 2.C. Summary of Base Request by Object of Expense
    • 2.D. Summary of Base Request Objective Outcomes
    • 2.E. Summary of Exceptional Items Request
    • 2.F. Summary of Total Request by Strategy
    • 2.G. Summary of Total Request Objective Outcomes
  • Strategy Request
    • Program-Level Request
    • 3.B. Rider Revisions and Additions Request
  • Sub-Strategy Request
    • 3.D. Sub-strategy Request
    • 3.E. Sub-strategy Summary

Volume 2

  • Exceptional Item Request
    • 4.A. Exceptional Item Request Schedule
    • 4.B. Exceptional Items Strategy Allocation Schedule
    • 4.C. Exceptional Items Strategy Request
  • Capital Budget
    • 5.A. Capital Budget Project Schedule
    • 5.B. Capital Budget Project Information
    • 5.C. Capital Budget Allocation to Strategies (Baseline)
    • 5.D. Capital Budget Operating and Maintenance Expenses Detail
    • 5.E. Capital Budget Project-OOE and MOF Detail By Strategy
  • Supporting Schedules
    • 6.A. Historically Underutilized Business
    • 6.B. Current Biennium One-time Expenditure
    • 6.C. Federal Funds Supporting Schedule
    • 6.D. Federal Funds Tracking
    • 6.E. Estimated Revenue Collections
    • 6.F.a. Advisory Committee Supporting Schedule-Part A
    • 6.F.b. Advisory Committee Supporting Schedule-Part B
    • 6.G. Homeland Security Funding Schedule - Part C - (COVID-19)
    • 6.H. Estimated Total of All Funds Outside the GAA Bill Pattern
    • 6.J. Behavioral Health Funding
    • 6.K. Part A Budgetary Impacts Related to Recently Enacted State Legislation Schedule
    • 6.K. Part B Summary of Costs Related to Recently Enacted State Legislation Schedule
    • 6.L. Document Production Standards
  • Administrative and Support Costs
    • 7.B. Direct Administrative and Support Costs