Authority/Reference(s) Texas Government Code 2261.256
Revision Date September 7, 2018


This DFPS Contract Handbook is established and maintained by Contract Oversight and Support (COS) to provide guidance to staff who perform functions related to the purchase and management of goods and services within DFPS.

This handbook is consistent with the current State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide and references federal and state government laws, rules, standards, procedures and best practices, as applicable. This handbook also serves as a central organizational framework for providing consistent contract management policies, procedures and business processes.

Content in this handbook includes:

  • Ethical standards of conduct;
  • Contracting activities from planning to closeout;
  • Contract management roles, responsibilities, and requirements;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Contract monitoring;
  • Application of sanctions and remedies;
  • Escalation of contract performance issues; and
  • Resolution of contracting issues.

Organization of the Handbook

The handbook contains tables of contents, standards, procedures, best practices and subject matter content. Links to applicable legal and other citations, forms, and useful websites are included. Each handbook page identifies a unique page number, a revision (version) number, and a revision date.

As required by Texas Government Code §2261.256, DFPS must link to accountability and risk analysis procedures on the Comptroller’s website. This mandate is met through posting applicable policies on the public DFPS website which guide contracting partners while achieving transparency. These policies are identifiable by the “Launch Public Site” icon in the handbook, and are located on the Doing Business with DFPS page.


Procedures are provided throughout this handbook and serve as guides for contract management and agency staff to comply with relevant policy. Procedures are documented for the most common contract categories and activities.

Division Specific Procedures

Contract divisions may develop additional procedures for their staff, provided that the procedures support the provisions in this handbook, and do not conflict with any contracting statutes or DFPS rules.

Handbook Revisions

A revision may add or modify policies, procedures, or tools and forms in the handbook. The revised page will include the new revision date.

Contract Oversight and Support will update this handbook, based on changes in contracting laws, regulations, policies, and business processes. Additionally, COS will continue to incorporate recommendations from quality assurance reviews, auditors, and relevant oversight committees.

DFPS staff are responsible for complying with handbook revisions by the effective date of the revision. Outdated policies will be made accessible for a period of time for referencing purposes.