Authority/Reference(s) Human Resources Code §40.0505; Family Code §264.172(b)
Revision Date September 1, 2021

Purchased Client Services

Purchased Client Services (PCS) is a division within the Office of the Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for planning the purchasing of contracted services, contract administration, contract management, contract monitoring, and accountability. Through these functions, PCS establishes the qualifications, service deliverables, reporting requirements, documentation requirements, payment methodology and performance measures for each client service. Goods and services are procured through a variety of procurement methods, managed through contractual relationships, and have a variety of payment methods which are funded by state and federal funds. PCS serves as a liaison between field staff and providers. Staff are responsible for processing invoices for the payment of contracted services. To fulfill these responsibilities, PCS is divided into distinct divisions:

  • Regional Child Protective Services (CPS)
  • Regional Adult Protective Services (APS)
  • Residential Child-Care Contracts (RCC)
  • Heightened Monitoring (HM)
  • State Office Contracts

Prevention and Early Intervention

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) is the division of DFPS that funds community-level programs designed to promote positive outcomes for children, youth, and families and create thriving communities to prevent risk factors that lead to child abuse or neglect and strengthen a family or youth before crisis occurs. PEI oversees prevention services across the state which are voluntary and free of charge to families in Texas communities. Some PEI services are available statewide, while others are only available in targeted areas.

Office of Community-Based Care Transition

Stemming from the 87th Regular Legislative Session, the Office of Community-Based Care Transition is an independent state agency where the Community Based Care Director reports directly to the Governor.  The Office of Community-Based Care Transition is administratively attached to DFPS, and DFPS will provide financial and other administrative functions as needed.

The Community Based Care (CBC) program is administered through a Single Source Continuum Contractor (SSCC) to accomplish the placement and delivery of services to children in DFPS conservatorship, including children and youth in paid foster care and kinship care, work with their families as well as manage the adoptions and kinship placements for these children.

Information Resource Management

Information Resource Management (IRM) is a division of DFPS that reports to the Chief Operating Officer. IRM’s mission is to enable DFPS employees to achieve their business goals through innovative, high quality, flexible, and cost-effective technology and business solutions. IRM’s vision is to deliver outstanding customer service by effectively tailoring business solutions to meet current and future DFPS customer needs. Contracts are administrative in nature and include large scale complex software development contracts for the benefit of DFPS programs.

Contract Performance

Contract Performance is part of the Office of Data and Systems Improvement (ODSI). The mission of ODSI is to utilize data reporting in a manner that ensures effective coordination, communication, and consistency across the agency and to demonstrate how data is used to understand and improve performance and outcomes.

Contract Performance promotes the agency’s mission by crafting meaningful performance measures and actionable reports and supporting CPS and APS contract managers and program in using that information to understand and improve the quality of contracted services.

Contract Performance also provides external stakeholders with technical assistance and training related to applications such as the Performance Management Evaluation Tool (PMET). In addition, the unit supports special projects and initiatives to implement statewide strategies for improving outcomes in contracting and service delivery.