The Department of Family and Protective Services uses the Awake Check Portal to enhance monitoring, documenting, and reporting on the compliance of foster care providers who are subject to 24-Hour Awake Night Supervision standards.

The Awake Check Portal is a platform for:

  • Validating child-care facility compliance.
  • Self-reporting by child-care facilities.
  • Scheduling facility visits by DFPS Awake Check staff.
  • Documenting visits to 24-hour residential care facilities.
  • Recording Awake Check staff member workflow.
  • Gathering data for reporting to the federal court and others.

What this Means to Child Care Providers

Starting August 5th, 2021, you will use the 24-hour Awake Check portal for self-reporting. Download the Awake Check Portal training for help using the portal.

What is 24-Hour Awake Night Supervision?

24-hour Awake Night Supervision is a service that residential child-care providers who serve youth in DFPS conservatorship must provide. This service is in place to ensure that youth in the conservatorship have increased safety at night in residential settings.

Providers have a contractual obligation to provide 24-hour awake night supervision without exception. When providers discover any discrepancy in compliance, they must report it to DFPS via the Awake Check Portal.