DFPS Commissioner John Specia announced that CPS is restructuring its management in Region 6. There will be one regional director for Harris County and one regional director for the 12 surrounding counties. Harris County is the largest county in Texas and is home to more than one million children. It contains 17 percent of the children living in Texas and 16 percent of all children in state custody.

The decision came after Specia visited with providers, stakeholders, judges, legislators, and CPS staff from the area. These discussions highlighted the challenges for any one person to manage the high demands of Harris County as well as provide leadership in the other counties in the region.  The new management structure will ensure that children, families, staff, judges, providers, and advocates in Region 6 receive the attention and accountability they deserve and will help ensuring the best outcomes for children and families.

CPS Region 3 Regional Director Lisa Black will serve as interim regional director for Harris County until the agency fills that position.  Scott Dixon, the current Region 6 regional director, will lead the surrounding counties.