Who to Call?

Call (800) 645-7549 for questions related to background checks for licensed child care operations, including day care and residential care operations.

For questions regarding background checks that are not for licensed child care, use the following contact information. The email and administrative contacts listed on this page cannot assist with questions regarding licensed child care operations.


PO Box 149030
Mail Code 4111
Austin, Texas 78714

Email Contacts

We respond to all emails within two business days.

For general background check questions, email Ask Background Checks

For background checks related to a specific type of request, email the corresponding mailbox, as follows:

Contacts Mailbox @ dfps.texas.gov
Child Advocacy Center (CAC) and Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) background check questions CACTXBGCRequest
Court Appointment Special Advocates (CASA) background check questions CASABGCR
DFPS New Hires background check questions BCU-HXChecks
DFPS Volunteer background check questions VOLCHKS
External Access and Adult Foster Care Provider (AFC) background check questions EXTACCBGC
FBI Exigent background check questions DFPSFBIExigentChecks
In-State and Out-of-State background check questions TXAbuseNeglectBGC
Purchased Client Services (PCS) background check questions PCSBC
Superior Health Plan background check questions SHPBGC

CPS Foster Adoptive Home Development (FAD) Background Checks

You can apply to be a foster and or adoptive parent either through Child Protective Services (CPS) or a private child placing agency. These agencies conduct background checks for any criminal history, or abuse and neglect investigations. The Health and Human Services Centralized Background Check Unit (HHSC CBCU) completes a risk evaluation on any history found in the background check.

If you have questions regarding applying to be a foster and/or adoptive parent through a private child placing agency, please visit the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange to located a Child Placing Agency in your area.

If you have questions regarding applying to be a foster and or adoptive parent through CPS, please contact your local CPS office or visit the DFPS website on Adoption and Foster Care.

If you are a DFPS staff member and have questions about CPS Central Registry Due Process or Risk Evaluations, please email the DFPS FAD Background Checks mailbox.


Name Job Title Phone
Lea Thomas Program supervisor for Superior Health Plan, In-State and Out of State Central Registry Background Checks (737) 249-8355
Monica Barbic Manager for DFPS Volunteer, Child Advocacy Center (CAC), Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD), Adult Foster Care, Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), FBI Exigent, and External User Background Checks (737) 230-5679
Cyndel Shephard Manager for DFPS Employment and Purchased Client Services Contractors Checks (512) 285-0424
Tanya Oestrick Director of Background Checks and FINDRS Program (512) 960-9285
CBCU Support Line Call this number for questions related to background checks for Licensed Child Care Operations including child day care and residential child care operations (800) 645-7549