State Agency Contract Number Indicate 'D' Disbursing, 'R' Receiving, or 'B' Both Disbursing & Receiving FY22 Expenditures Amount Received by Agency Agency Purpose
Health and Human Services Commission HHS000976600001 D $1,746,351.90 N/A DFPS Outsourced IT Managed Services
Health and Human Services Commission HHS001089800001 D $429,341.66 N/A DFPS Other - HHSC ICA for HCS Reimbursement
Texas Department of Public Safety 530-18-0007-00001 D $2,073,790.00 N/A DFPS Other - Criminal History Checks
University of Texas Health Science Center HHS000694700001 D $1,522,529.52 N/A DFPS Medical Assessments (FACN) - SO
Texas Workforce Commission HHS000921100001 D $37,802,558.00 N/A DFPS TWC Child Care
Heath and Human Service Commission HHS001198500001 D $92,449,307.64 N/A DFPS HHS Service Level Agreement

Last Updated on 9/26/22