Authority/Reference(s) Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG); TX Government Code §2155.077, §808.051, §2252.153, §2270.0209, §2252.152, §2270.002; 34 TX Administrative Code §20.105-20.107; Executive Order 13224; 31 CFR (Chapter V)
Revision Date April 8, 2022


Contract staff must verify that an entity is not debarred, divested, or excluded before the execution of a contract to ensure DFPS does not enter into contracts with individuals or organizations that have been excluded from doing business with the federal or state government.

The debarment, divestment, and exclusion checks must be completed and documented no earlier than 90 days before the effective date of the contract.

For federally funded grant recipients (subrecipient), the federally excluded parties check must be conducted annually. The subrecipient must maintain an active status in the System for Award Management (SAM). If it is discovered that a subrecipient does not have an active status in SAM, then Contracts Legal must be consulted.