Authority/Reference(s) Texas Government Code §2262.055(d); Texas Government Code §2155.089(c)(4); State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide;Texas 87th Legislative Session General Appropriations Action Section 17.09 (c)(1)
Revision Date September 26, 2022


No earlier than 90 days prior to the effective date of a contract, contract staff must check the Comptroller’s Vendor Performance Tracking System (VPTS)  when determining whether it is in the best interest of DFPS to enter into a contract with an entity.

VPTS tracks a vendor’s grade and detailed reports that can be used as best-value evaluation when solicitations contain the Vendor Performance Best Value Clause.

As referenced in Vendor Performance Reporting for DFPS Contracts policy, vendors performance (unless exempt) are reported to VPTS for purchases of $25,000 or more by state agencies.

Child-Specific contract are exempt from VPTS searches.