Authority/Reference(s) Texas Government Code §2252.903; & §2262.055(d)
Revision Date September 7, 2018


Contract staff must conduct the following required checks prior to the execution of a contract, and as described within detailed pages within the Contract Handbook. Required checks are part of DFPS’ controls used to safeguard funds and ensure that DFPS only enters into contracts with legally and fiscally sound entities.  Contract staff must follow specified procedures as requirements vary depending on whether the contractor is located in the State of Texas or outside of the State.

Required checks consist of the following, and must be completed according to detailed instruction:

  • Legal Entity Check
  • Federal and State Debarred and Excluded Parties Checks
  • Divested Checks
  • Vendor Hold Check
  • Vendor Performance Tracking Search (VPTS)
  • Franchise Tax Account Status Check