Authority/Reference(s) Uniform Grant Guidance; Uniform Grant Management Standards; Texas Government Code §783
Revision Date October 1, 2020


Contract staff must comply with the federal Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) and the state Uniform Grant Management Standards (UGMS) in the management of recipients and subrecipients that receive grant awards from DFPS. Contract staff who manage recipients and subrecipients should familiarize themselves with both UGMS and UGG.

Contract staff who manage recipients and subrecipients must:

  • Ensure the correct grant contract templates or legally approved UTCs that include the specific grant requirements are used;
  • Ensure all applicable terms and conditions are included in the contract;  
  • Communicate any funding changes to recipients and subrecipients as soon as they are communicated from the Office of Finance; and
  • Assist with Single Audit and Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) requirements.

Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG)

UGG (also known as 2 CFR 200) outlines Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.

State Uniform Grant Management Standards (UGMS)

UGMS were established to promote the efficient use of public funds. UGMS provides a set of financial management procedures and definitions that require consistency among grantor agencies in their dealings with recipients and subrecipients.