Authority/Reference(s) Human Resources Code §40.058
Revision Date August 9, 2021


Single Source Continuum Contractors (SSCC) are responsible for implementing the Community Based Care (CBC) model for foster care services in their designated catchment areas. The implementation of CBC in each catchment area occurs in stages with increased responsibility assigned to the SSCC at each stage, requiring DFPS to assess risk and readiness on an ongoing basis prior to moving to the next stage. The assessment and analysis of risk and readiness is a shared responsibility and requires collaboration and communication by the CBC Contract Administration Manager.

The Risk Assessment Analysis (RAA) is a standardized tool for gathering information, assessing potential risks, and planning mitigation strategies to ensure successful CBC implementation. The RAA guides the assessment, analysis, and documentation for risks associated with the SSCC’s performance and operations within their respective catchment area. The RAA process facilitates gathering information on potential risk areas, including:

  • Ability to achieve performance measures,
  • Case reading results and critical process effectiveness,
  • Programmatic and operational deliverables and compliance, 
  • Financial stability and controls, and
  • Administrative and operational capacity.

The CBC Contract Administration Manager, in coordination with other members of the DFPS multi-disciplinary team, use risk level results to identify potential risk areas and work in partnership with the SSCC to plan risk mitigation strategies that might include; technical assistance, focused oversight efforts, and other actions to mitigate risks and strengthen the SSCC’s operations.

Based on identified risk, the Contract Administration Manager, along with the multi-disciplinary team may modify the standardized SSCC oversight processes.