Authority/Reference(s) State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide; 34 Texas Administrative Code §20.115
Revision Date November 14, 2022


All DFPS Administrative contracts with a total value of $25,000 or more must be monitored at a minimum of once per state fiscal year in which the contract is active. The value of the contract is determined by the current contract value, maximum potential contract value or contract expenditures, whichever is highest.

Contract Oversight and Support (COS) establishes the Administrative Specialized Monitoring Plan (Admin SMP)  on a monthly basis.

Contract Division Management and the contract manager may determine additional monitoring is required due to identified risk factors. Examples of risk factors which could require additional monitoring are:

  • Direct contact with DFPS clients
  • New contractor with limited experience providing the service
  • Changes in key management staff

Contract staff request changes to the Admin SMP by submitting the form 9103 Request for Adjustment to the SMP.