If you are or were personally involved:

If you are or were personally involved in a case and request a copy of the case record, by state law DFPS will release it after any information to which you are not entitled is removed (redacted).

DFPS complies with all laws and rules about the entitlement, redaction, and release of the confidential case records it maintains. To learn more about these laws and rules, please see Confidentiality Laws and Rules.

To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, please choose one of the following:

I am or was in the foster care system.

If you are or were a foster youth, fill out and submit the online Form 4884 - Request From Former Foster Youth For Case Records. If you prefer to mail your request, fill out and send in the PDF version, available in English or Spanish.

Note: If you are looking for something specific within your record (such as Birth Certificate, Medical Records, etc.), please make sure to tell us on the request.

Also, a copy of the case record is not required to request a tuition waiver. For more information, visit College Tuition and Fee Waiver.

I am or was personally involved in a case, but was never in the foster care system.

If you are or were personally involved in a case, but not in the foster care system, fill and submit online Form 4885 – Request for Case Records (English) or download, fill and submit Form 4885s - Solicitud de Expedientes de Casos (Spanish).

Note: You must include a copy of your valid driver’s license or other picture identification with your completed form. If you do not have a valid picture identification, we cannot verify your identity and cannot release records to you.

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