All DFPS email addresses are changing from “” to “”. This will simplify communications and standardize DFPS email addresses with other state agencies, making it easier on everyone to remember DFPS email addresses.

When will the email change happen?

The migration to new email addresses will begin in November 2020 and continue for several months. We will make an announcement when the process is completed.

How will I know when the email addresses of my DFPS contacts have changed?

There are two ways. First, your DFPS contacts should reach out to you to specifically let you know when their email addresses have changed to Second, when a DFPS employee’s email address changes, there will be a notice right below his or her email signature that notifies you and gives you the new address as a link.

What should I do when I know that one of my DFPS contacts has a new email address?

Please change the email address in your email address book and use the new address in all email communications.

What will happen if I send an email to a DFPS employee using the old address after his or her email has changed?

Your email will be forwarded to the employee’s new email inbox. Email forwarding will be in place until December of 2022 to help prevent any disruption in communications.

However, if you reply to an email and one or more of the DFPS recipients have switched over to their new email account, you may get a bounce-back message saying your email cannot be delivered to those employees. If that happens, you will need to resend the message using the recipient’s new email address with the suffix. The first part of the DFPS employee’s email address will remain the same. If you know a person’s email has changed, you can avoid this situation by replacing the old email address with the new email address in the “To” field before replying.

What will not change at this time?

DFPS website addresses, such as the DFPS public website address of, will not change as part of the email change. This will happen at a later date, and more information will be available before that happens.