All DFPS volunteers, except one-time volunteer groups, should complete the online volunteer orientation. The volunteer orientation must be completed before you start volunteering with the agency. Please email your certificate of completion to your local volunteer coordinator.

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Direct-Service Volunteer Trainings

Volunteers in direct-service volunteer roles, meaning working directly with children, families, and older adults or people with disabilities should complete trainings listed below so that you are prepared to handle situations that may arise. Some examples of direct-service volunteer assignments are:

  • Transporting parents to and from appointments.
  • Picking up prescriptions for older adults.
  • Sitting with foster youth in the hospital.
  • Spending time with an older adult or people with disabilities.

DFPS offers these training to make sure your volunteer experience is a success. Each column below shows the required trainings for volunteers. Direct-service volunteers must complete all trainings before they can start volunteering. When you are done, fill out Form 0249 to acknowledge completion of your training.

Contact your local volunteer coordinator with any questions.

Required Trainings

Optional Training