Authority/Reference(s) Texas Government Code §656.052; Texas Government Code §656.053
Revision Date March 30, 2023


DFPS requires designated contract management staff to be certified through the Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM) process administered by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Comptroller).

As directed by the Comptroller, “a state agency employee must be certified as a Certified Texas Contract Manager to engage in contract management functions on behalf of a state agency if the employee has the job title of “contract manager” or “contract administration manager” or “contract technician”; performs contract management activities as fifty percent (50%) or more of their job activities; or manages any contract in excess of $5,000,000.”

The Comptroller defines Contract Management as actions taken following contract execution, including:

  • Assessment of risk;
  • Verification of contractor performance;
  • Monitoring compliance with deliverable and reporting requirements;
  • Enforcement of contract terms;
  • Monitoring and reporting of vendor performance; and
  • Ensuring that contract performance and practices are consistent with applicable rules, laws and the State of Texas Procurement Manual and Contract Management Guide.

DFPS requires that the CTCM certification be obtained within 18 months of hire or date of transfer from another agency, and maintained in accordance with the Comptroller’s guidance.