Authority/Reference(s) Texas Government Code §411.185; 45 CFR §75.361-370; §2262.053
Revision Date April 15, 2024


The System of Contract Operations and Reporting (SCOR) is the official system of record for DFPS contract management. Required contract documents and forms must be uploaded to SCOR as described in this policy. For detailed SCOR user guidance, reference the SCOR User Manual.

Procurement Documents

DFPS relies on HHS-PCS for the procurement of goods and services. HHS-PCS is required to upload procurement documents into the SCOR Procurement tab (e.g. RFP, RFQ, RFA).

COS uploads Open Enrollment solicitation documentation in SCOR upon expiration of the open enrollment. Active Open Enrollment solicitation documents are located in the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD).

Contract Documents

Contract managers must maintain records for each of their assigned contracts in SCOR. Contract staff are responsible for:

  • Ensuring documentation is complete, signed, and dated, as applicable.
  • Ensuring SCOR required documents and forms are uploaded within 30 calendar days after*:
    • The effective date of the contract; or
    • The effective date of the amendment (including renewals); or
    • The signature date of the SCOR required documents.
  • Adhering to DFPS’s Records Retention policies when maintaining contract records.

* To meet LBB Reporting requirements, COS may ask for contract and amendment documentation to be uploaded into SCOR prior to the 10-day policy requirement. When prompted, the contract manager is to upload requested documentation within one business day.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

SCOR is not designed to maintain client level information, as Information Management Protecting Adults and Children in Texas (IMPACT) is the DFPS Case Management System. Prior to uploading any document in SCOR, the contract manager must thoroughly review, assess, and remove or redact any DFPS client Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Redaction of DFPS client PII include:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Foster Parent names
  • Other similar identifying information for the protection of the client.

For questions related to PII contact DFPS Open Records at

SCOR Required Documents and Forms

Contract staff must upload applicable documents and forms identified below, for all client service contracts, and administrative contracts valued at $25,000 or more. Contracting divisions may require additional documents be uploaded. For detailed SCOR naming conventions and document type, see the SCOR - Contract Documents and Naming Convention Crosswalk.

  • Original contract (must not include requisition information, internal communications, or routing forms);
  • Amendments (must not include requisition information, internal communications, or routing forms);
  • Form 2044 Contract Routing Form or DFPS 515;
  • Form 1513 Disclosure of Ownership and Control Interest Statement (required for all contractors receiving Title XX funding);
  • Form 4734 Annual FFATA Certification;
  • Form 1295 Disclosure of Interested Parties;
  • Form 4735 Out of State Contractor Certifications;
  • Documentation of required checks in accordance with policy;
  • Form 2044a or 2044a-CSC Contract File Checklist;
  • Form 4524 Financial Remedies Decision Documentation;
  • Form 9007 Internal Control Structure Questionnaire (ICSQ) including required attachments;
  • Form 9007ICC Internal Control Certification;
  • Form 9100 Risk Assessment Instrument (RAI);
  • Form 9105 Risk Assessment Questionnaire (RAQ);
  • Risk-based, Routine, and Enhanced Monitoring reports;
  • Single audits or independent audits;
  • Certificates of Insurance and proof of A.M. Best rating;
  • Federally approved indirect cost rate letter;
  • HUB documents when required;
  • Form 0147 VPTS (uploaded by COS) when required;
  • Form 4530 DFPS Cybersecurity Training Certification;
  • Closeout documentation

Uploading Documents in SCOR: History Tab vs. Document Tab (Contract Document Library)

When uploading documents in SCOR, it is critical that staff maintain records appropriately. There are two locations where documents are maintained, the History tab and the Contract Documents Library.

History Tab

The original signed contract and bilateral amendments must be processed through CAPPS FIN and are maintained in the History tab where a placeholder hyperlink will appear so contract staff can upload the executed contract and amendments. The assigned contract manager is the only person who can upload documents to the History tab.

Contract Document Library

All other contract documents are maintained in the Contract Document Library under the Documents Tab. If a unilateral amendment is not processed through CAPPS FIN, the contract manager uploads it to the Contract Document Library. All other contract documentation should be uploaded into the Documents tab using the appropriate “Document Type” from the drop-down menu, as well as the designated naming convention, as applicable. There is no action required in CAPPS FIN to upload to the Contract Document Library and anyone with SCOR access can upload to it.

Note: Documents uploaded to the History tab also appear and are available in the Contract Document Library tab. For detailed information on how to upload documents, refer to the SCOR Manual.

Records Retention

All contract records must be maintained as provided for in the contract, including DFPS records in the possession of the contractor. Any records that are subject to litigation or outstanding audit findings must be retained until the litigation or audit findings have been officially resolved.

Contract staff are required to coordinate with the Records Management Group before disposing of any contract records; and also coordinate with Contracts Legal before approving the disposal of any contractor contract records.