Welcome to the DFPS Health Care Provider Resources page. This page contains relevant and up-to-date information such as agency guidance and STAR Health resources that may be useful for health care providers taking care of children in foster care, as well as Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) resources available to support families in your community.

Medical Resources

A Guide to Medical Services at CPS
A series of webpages that provide a wide array of information about medical services at CPS.
STAR Health Resources for Health Care Providers
Website includes many helpful resources for providers and agencies that work with youth and caregivers in foster care.

PEI Resources

DFPS Prevention and Early Intervention
PEI manages programs that support parents and communities, keeping kids safe and helping prevent child abuse and other bad outcomes. Their webpages include a wealth of information and resources for parents, providers, and stakeholders.
Texas Prevention Network
A communications channel for key PEI updates. The network is comprised of a diverse set of stakeholders including advocates, service providers and coalitions. PEI communicates with the network via email newsletters sent periodically. Sign up for TPN updates.
PEI Calendar
PEI produces an annual Parenting Tips Calendar. This free family resource is filled with helpful tips for parents and caregivers of children of all ages. It is available in English and Spanish. The calendar is endorsed by the Texas Pediatric Society and is a great resource for families participating in early childhood programs. Place your order online.
PEI Program Locater
Webpage allows users to choose the county where they live and find PEI programs that offer services in their county.
Get Parenting Tips
A website full of articles, videos, and other resources for parents and caregivers. New articles are posted regularly. Available in both English and Spanish, as well as though Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
Keeping Children Safe
In cooperation with the Texas Medical Association, PEI developed this article about prevention as the prevailing approach to address child abuse and neglect among physicians, especially pediatricians and family doctors.