For children in DFPS conservatorship who are enrolled in STAR Health, prescription medication is a Medicaid benefit covered by the  STAR Health program. Give your child’s Superior HealthPlan member ID card to the STAR Health participating pharmacy when filling a prescription.  If you don't have your child's Superior HealthPlan member ID card, you can use your child’s current Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card, the child’s Medicaid number, or a DFPS Designation of Medical Consenter form with the child's Medicaid or DFPS ID Number. 

If a pharmacy refuses to accept the Designation of Medical Consenter form in an emergency, the caregiver or medical consenter should contact or request that the pharmacy contact STAR Health at 866-912-6283 to request a Letter of Eligibility (LOE). The pharmacy may submit claims using the child's DFPS IMPACT Person Identification (PID) if the child has not yet been assigned a Medicaid number.

Medications that require a new written prescription should be called in early and on current prescriptions, refills should be requested 4-5 days before the medicine runs out in order to help prevent delays in getting them filled.

Medical consenters or caregivers should call the child's DFPS Caseworker if prescriptions are denied because of Medicaid eligibility. DFPS Eligibility staff will work to correct the problem quickly. For additional information related to the Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card, please read the STAR Health FAQ.