What is the 3-Day Medical Exam?

Within 3 business days, some children entering DFPS care must visit a doctor to see if they are hurt or sick and get any treatments they need.

Why is the 3-Day Medical Exam important?

The 3-day medical exam helps us know about a child’s health when they enter foster care. The person caring for the child can learn about the child’s medical needs and how to care for them. The person caring for the child can also get medicines for a child that may not have been taken at the time of removal, such as an asthma inhaler or eczema cream.

The 3-day medical exam is an added medical screening and does not replace the Texas Health Steps medical checkup or the CANS Assessment.

Who receives a 3-Day Medical Exam?

Children who meet certain criteria should receive a 3-day exam.  These criteria are:

  • Removal due to physical abuse
  • Removal due to sexual abuse
  • Obvious physical injury
  • Chronic medical condition
  • Complex medical condition
  • Diagnosed mental illness

The child’s caseworker will determine if a 3-day exam is necessary and inform the person caring for the child.  Children who have a need for a sick visit or urgent care can see a doctor at any time.