What It Is

The CPS Practice Model formalizes the agency’s guiding principles. For years, our caseworkers have worked to ensure that all children will be and remain safe. However, this process has been more a series of "unwritten rules" rather than a formalized charter of principles communicated to staff and the general public.

Why It Matters

By formalizing our practice model and ensuring that CPS has adopted and incorporated best practices into it, the agency ensures that every caseworker operates to the same standard. Additionally, formalizing and publicizing our practice model ensures that everyone touched by CPS knows what to expect when dealing with a CPS representative while also holding the agency accountable to live up to its stated values and principles in each interaction.

How It Benefits CPS

  • It serves as an educational/informational tool for families on what to expect when dealing with CPS.
  • It serves as an educational tool for the general public on the guiding principles and values of CPS.
  • It serves as an training tools on the values of CPS for new caseworkers.
  • It creates a baseline standard for every caseworker at CPS to apply within their work.
  • It provides a series of tools and resources that can be used in the daily work of the agency to ensure standards and values are applied unilaterally.